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Titus Pullo
Titus Pullo
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Titus Pullo (played on HBO's Rome by actor Ray Stevenson) is a ferocious lover of life, who possesses the courage and loyalty of a warrior, and the morality of a pirate. A man of huge appetites and wild passions, he is impulsive, unreflective, conceited, generous and brutal. Pullo's mother was a slave who died when he was young, he speaks of her fondly, he never knew his father although he assumes he was also a slave. Pullo marries Eirene a slave who he bought and freed, their relationship is very loving. It is safe to say that the Legion is the only family Pullo has ever really known; his close friend Lucius Vorenus with his strict morals and value filled life, comes to represent something like an older brother to Pullo. He helps him out when Pullo's impulsive nature gets the better of him and is there for him when none else is. Later on down the line, their roles are somewhat reversed when Vorenus becomes listless with grief and then irrational with anger, Pullo must then take on the more responsible role in order to care and help his closest friend. On one side he represents the darker forces of the plebeian and barbarian masses that are threatening to tear the Republic apart, but also the life spirit and general goodness that is helping to forge it's future. Pullo's affable manner, even when confronting adversaries, remains a constant source of levity. His personal journey from misery and turmoil through hope to relative inner peace could be seen as a metaphor for the period of upheaval and chaos in the Roman Empire itself, prior to the rise of Augustus Caesar.

Eirene is Titus Pullo's wife.

Gaia is Titus Pullo's lover.

Caesarion is Titus Pullo's son.
Allies: Lucius Vorenus, Thirteenth Legion, Gaius Octavian, Eirene

Enemies: Quintus Pompey, Erastes Fulman, Memmio, Cotta

Defining Scenes
  • In his first scene Titus Pullo shows how impulsive he is! He is shown fighting the Gauls and ignoring the Roman army's regime. When Vorenus blows the whistle to get back in formation. Pullo continues which led to his first of many disagreements with Lucius Vorenus.
  • When he finds Eirene being dragged along by the treasury thief's. He instantly develops feelings for her, unties her and takes her with him, he always keeps her close by as he claims she calms him.

  • His sheer size and strength. Titus Pullo is a man who no one wants to mess with!
  • His love and loyalty to his friends. Pullo never lets anyone down.
  • A great soldier.

  • His temper. When Pullo is angry he can lash out without thinking about the consequences, and how his actions will affect others.
  • Very irrational at times. Doesn't always think things through.
  • He drinks to much sometimes...

Memorable Quotes
  • "I have simpler tastes. I like to kill my enemy, steal their gold and enjoy their women. That's it, why tie yourself to one? Where's the flavour. Where's the joy?"
  • "All right my dove we'll pay, but the girl had better fuck him like Helen of Troy with her arse on fire, or I'll know the reason why!"
  • "I know I didn't get us started on the right foot, killing your man and all that. But with permission of Mars and Venus I ask you to be my wife."
  • "About your father."
  • "you piss drinkers,sons of circus whore!"

Pictures Of Pullo

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