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Jeff Beal Rome's Muisical Composer
Jeff Beal
A supreme trumpeter, Jeff Beal is most notable for his advanced writing abilities. While studying at the Eastman School of Music, Beal won 11 Downbeat student awards. He also received three Exxon/Meet The Composer Grants during 1986-1987. Beal moved to New York after graduating, recorded his debut Liberation for Antilles, and then moved to the West Coast to work on film scores. He went on to record a second date for Antilles (Perpetual Motions) and three sets for Triloka. Beal's writing has been featured on albums by Spyro, Gyra, Dave Samuel's and John Patiticco, but he has not neglected his unpredictable trumpet playing , gigging often in the Los Angelos area where he also continues to write film scores.

1 .Rome Main Title Theme,By Jeff Beal

2. Rome- The Forum By Jeff Beal

3. Gladiator Quartors (terrible news) by Jeff Beal

4.The Twisted Wood (Niobe's Theme) By Jeff Beal

5. Saaker(The battle has begun-Ceasars Theme) By Jeff Beal

6. Octavian and Octavia's Themes By Jeff Beal

7.Riot In The Senate (Pullo finds the gold) By Jeff Beal

8.Crown city (Caesar reunites with Servilia) By Jeff Beal

9. Janus Breaks By Jeff Beal

10. Marshall Law - The Temple By Jeff Beal

11. Caesar's Seizure By Jeff Beal

12. Hell Hath No Fury By Jeff Beal

13. Vorenus made Evocati By Jeff Beal

14. Farewells, the Storm By Jeff Beal

15. The Raft By Jeff Beal

16. The Death of Pompey By Jeff Beal

17. Octavia Seduces Octavian By Jeff Beal

18. Cleopatra Seduces Caesar By Jeff Beal

19. Triumph By Jeff Beal

20. The Imperial Palace (Mark Antony and Atia) By Jeff Beal

21. Vorenus Saves Pullo By Jeff Beal

22. The Murder of Julius Caesar By Jeff Beal

23. Niobe's Fate By Jeff Beal

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