Rome's Legacy

Rome's Legacy
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In Arts
The word "Mecenato" in latin and in English "patronage" comes from the person "Maecenas" who was an artist. In the modern age it was very common absolute monarchs to patron their artists in court.


In Laws- Corpus Iuris Civilis
Corpus Iuris Civilis (Body of Civil Law") a collection of fundamental works in jurisprudence, issued from 529 to 534 by order of
Justinian I. Justinian gave orders to collect legal materials of various kinds into several new codes, spurred on by the revival of interest in the study of Roman law in the Middle Ages. This revived Roman law, in turn, became the foundation of law in all civil law jurisdictions. The provisions of the Corpus Juris Civilis also influenced the Canon Law of the church since it was said that Vivit Ecclesia lege romana - the church lives under Roman law.

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In Culture

In Religion- Roman Catholic church
The Roman Catholic church was legalized by the Emperor Constantine with the Edict of Milan. It's said that in a middle of a battle, almost lost, he begged to a sign of the gods, and then he saw a cross in the sky, he won the battle and after that he made legal the christian cult.
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