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To foster the best possible experience for all, The Rome Wiki community respectfully requests that it's visitors and contributors honor this code of conduct. Failure to follow these rules will result in a deletion of your comment and/or content or banning

1. Play Nicely With Others

- Respect your peers - treat others and their contributions with respect and foster considerate dialogue.
- Do not use offensive language - inappropriate, crude, or abusive language is not only unacceptable, it's not a good way to convince anyone of your point. Any posts that contain such language will be deleted.
- Remember, there are no stupid questions - Everyone's input is welcomed and honored. "Flaming" others or demeaning their participation may build your self-esteem, but it won't help build our community.
- Report inappropriate behavior - Remove and or report to the moderators disrespectful or provocative content, but refrain form seeking vigilante justice.
- Posting in upper case - In Internet terms, posting in all uppercase is a sign of yelling. Please respect your peers and do not post in uppercase. It's also a courtesy to others to not use all uppercase when posting.

2. Act in Good Faith

- Don't pilfer material - Don't publish material to which you have no rights. If you publish a photo, icon, etc. that someone else created, make sure you give them credit for the image.
- It's about you, but not about YOU - This site exists to support an organic and communal body of information. Shameless self-promotion and hawking of wares is strictly forbidden.
- No spamming or advertising - This site is a community for "Rome" fans to discuss the show. There is no posting of advertisements or spamming other members allowed. Your post will be deleted and you will be banned.
- Please be respectful of the actors/actresses - They feel violated when the long lens of the paparazzi take photos of them going about their daily lives. Let's show the actors the privacy and respect they ask for and not post those photos on this wiki.

3. Promote Community Spirit

- Use the Moderators as a resource - Reach out to the Moderators for guidance or advice on how to best leverage this site. They are there to help.
- Share the experience - Be an ambassador of the community by enrolling others in the discussion, sponsoring a good debate, and setting a good, collaborative example.

4. Who Are The Moderators and How to Contact Them

- Here is a list of Moderators for this site. Any time you have a question, need to report inappropriate behavior (flaming, foul language, spamming etc.) feel free to send a message to any of the Moderators below. You can click on the link to their name below and it will take you to their profile page. Click on "Send a Message", and send the Moderator a message and if you can add a link to the discussion thread or page. Let the Moderator know of the offensive or inappropriate behavior and they will deal with it. All of your PM's (Private Messages) are confidential and follow-ups are handled with discretion.

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Forum Discussions on the Rome Wiki
  • Everyone is entitled to their opinions try not to be overbearing by repeating your opinion over and over.
  • Don't attack someones opinion just because you don't agree with what they are saying. There is nothing wrong with having a debate but personal attacks will not be tolerated.
  • Trolling (non constructive comments just for the sake of being disruptive) will not be tolerated. The best way to deal with a troll is to ignore as they thrive on attention.
  • The discussion forum should not be used to air grievances about other members. If you are having personal issues with a user try to deal with it privately and if you deem it necessary contact a MOD.
  • Use good etiquette and avoid posting in all capitals as this is considered yelling.

New To The "Rome Wiki?"
  • Check out the Episode Guide to see what the show is about.
  • Have a look at the Characters and Cast pages to get to know the talented actors.
  • Jump in the discussion and introduce yourself on the New Members Thread. It is the first thread on the discussion forum.
  • Fill out your profile, (link at the top right hand corner of the screen) and tell us a little about you!
  • If you are feeling lost or confused check out the site map.
Working On The Pages

  1. Don't delete others work (ie. pictures or text) unless you have a good reason for doing so. It is better to add contend rather than delete.
  2. Try to make small page edits - If you make small page edits, and save your work frequently it will be more unlikely to save after someone else has added to a page. It is best to do so as none wants to lose all their work efforts.
  3. When adding pictures - Remember that too many pictures per page can make a page too long to scroll down. Please don't add poor quality pictures to a page they will be deleted.
  4. Stick to the format template for each page - You will notice that each page has it's own format which makes the wiki easier to read. Please stick to it or your posting will have to be redone or deleted.


How do I make additions to a page?

  1. Click the "EasyEdit" button and a toolbar will appear.
  2. Try to stick to whatever format the page you are working on has. Remember to place your cursor to where you want your text/picture to appear.
  3. You can use the formatting buttons on the toolbar to determine alignment, font size and colour etc.
  4. When you are finished click save.
How to add a page?

  1. Check the site menu on the left hand corner, below it you will see "add a page."
  2. If you are adding a general page click "Home" and "Add a page."
  3. If you want to add a page to an existing page, click on it first and then hit "Add a page."
  4. After doing this the page will pop up.
  5. We try to keep a similar page format here. The first thing to do after you have successfully added a page is click the "EasyEdit button". Hit the table icon, add a table with one row and one column scroll it down to determine the size you want the page to be. Then click on the table. An icon saying "Edit Table/Edit Table cell will pop up. Go into "Edit table cell" click change (the back round colour) and type in 8A1717.

Formatting Help

I Image Size And Quality
Good images can really make a wiki stand out from others. We have a good range of images thanks to a number of contributors here. They are great for giving a page a certain look. There are some things to keep in mind when adding images to a page however. Good images are great and can give a page that extra something, bad images however can look distorted and can make the page look unprofessional and ugly. When adding an image to a page please remember that a format has been set up for each page, try to sick with that format as much as possible as it makes the page easier to read.

  • Try to avoid using the built in photo re sizer It is fine if you are only making slight changes to a picture. However if you are making drastic changes to an image it tends to destroy the quality of the image. If you are going to be making changes to the size of a picture it is best to use a free picture editor. ie Picassa
  • Don't post poor quality images If an image is to small increasing it's size will only cause distortion and poor quality. It's better to leave the image small as it is rather than distort it in this manner. ie. icons are made to be 100 pixels, increasing their size only ruins the images.


II Colours
When creating a page on this wiki please remember we have our back round colour the same on all the pages. If you are creating a page you will have to change the colour to 8A1717. Select orange for the text colour.


III Templates
If there is a template already in place for the page you are going to create then take advantage of it! The use of templates will ensure that all formatting is the same on pages which have sub pages. If you have decided to create a brand new page and are going to make sub pages then you should make a template so as all the pages will have the same format style, plus it will save you a lot of time.


IV Text Size
The default text size is 12pt and should be used for most text. If you are making a header on a new page size 18 emboldened works well with size 14 for all sub headers.


V Creating Tables

Tables are a crucial element to our Wiki. When creating a page you should always add a table. Set the table to be one row and one column and always fit to page. Scroll it down to the length you want the page to be and click save. Then go back in click on the table and an icon will pop us saying Edit Table Edit table cell. Select Edit table cell and hit on change background colour. Type in 8a1717 .

Rows: This option allows you to determine the amount of rows you want to be in the table (Rows go horizontally, left and right.)

Columns: Allows you to set the number of columns (vertically, up and down) in a table. A one row column can be used as a page border

Example of a one row column:

Wiki Code of Conduct - Rome Wiki


VI The EasyEdit Tool Bar Explained

Wiki Guide - Rome Wiki

The text standard here is Georgia and that is set to manual in the EasyEdit toolbar you don't have to change it. However if you are writing on your own profile there are other styles of texts you can choose from if you like they are available when you click on the Georgia tab, to change the colour of the font we always have it set to orange when working on a page just click on the "A" icon. If you would like a different colour then click on "custom". B is to embolden I is for italic and U is to underline.

Bullet points are a way of breaking text down into manageable chunks. There are two kinds you can use here, for example:

How To Add A Link
To insert a link on a page just click the EasyEdit button and the EasyEdit toolbar will appear. Select the text you'd like to turn into a link with your cursor and click on the "link" button on the toolbar. The "Add Link" dialog will appear. To link to a page on this site click on the Find Page button and browse to the page you want, or type the name of the page you want to link to. To create a link to another web page, type in or copy the complete URL. When you are finished click save as always.

How To Add A Widget

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