Rome Dream Cast

Rome Dream Cast
We all know that for the most part the cast of Rome was superb,
however just for fun throw yourself in the Directors chair
and tell us who you would pick!


Penelope Cruz
Character: Cleopatra
Actress: Penelope Cruz
Reason Why: Her accent and dark looks would make her perfect for the part.
Aishwarya Rai rachel weisz
Character: Cleopatra
Actress: Rachel Weisz
Why: Her looks and accent. She was awesome as Hypatia in Agora.
claudia lynx
Character: Cleopatra
Actress: Claudia Lynx
Why: Her beauty and ravishing looks make her a good candidate. (RoyalDynasty666)

zoe saldana

Character: Cleopatra
Actress: Zoe Saldana
Why: Her beautiful looks and accent would make her good for the part. (RoyalDynasty666)

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