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Marcus Junius Brutus (played in HBO's Rome by actor Tobias Menzies) is a haughty but awkward young Patrician; it is unclear throughout the series what part of Brutus' actions are done in favor of what he believes or what part of his actions are done in favor of what others expect of him. Brutus appears to lack all interest in politics in the beginning of the series, referring to it as "dull stuff" but his mothers ideas of what is expected of the family normally is the motive for him choosing the right path of the Republic. However, he appears to have some of his own ideals of what is right and wrong, especially when he chooses to follow Pompey in the civil war despite his closeness to Caesar and his mother's choice to remain in Rome. Brutus normally finds himself torn between his duty to his family and his love for Caesar. Although Brutus does care for Caesar, he suffers a significant moral quandary about Caesar's methods. Nonetheless, Brutus is willing to except the fact that Caesar is the dictator.

Servilia of the Junii is Brutus' mother.

Cato is Brutus' half uncle.
Allies- Pompey Magnus, Cassius, Cicero

Enemies- Julius Caesar, Mark Antony, Octavian

Defining Moments
  • When he realises Caesar has grown suspicious of him, Brutus decides he owes him no more friendship and tells his mother he will do "his duty".

  • Brutus comes from the Junii family. One of the oldest Patrician families in Rome. He is very well thought on by the Senate, his name serves him well.
  • Was a brave Commander in The Battle Of Phillipi.

  • He allows people to manipulate him very easily, to get what they want.
  • Brutus doesn't work well under pressure.

Memorable Quotes
  • "Mother you are blinded by untapped lust. I'll get you a good big Cyrenian at the market and have done with it!"
  • "If I had known what wretched company and rotten food I would endure, if I had known what an old fool Pompey is, I would never have left Rome..."
  • "Had you told me you were to march on Rome, and asked me for my allegiance, I would have given it. I would have judged you insane, but I would have given you my allegiance because I look on you as my father. But you did not ask for my allegiance. You demanded it at sword point. I betrayed nothing."
  • "Mother, I owe Caesar no more friendship... I must do my duty."

Pictures Of Brutus
brutus and cicero
Brutus Brutus
Brutus Brutus

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